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§ 250-9 Districts established.


The Borough is divided into districts, each with a specified purpose and intent to implement the purpose of this chapter and the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan.


Every parcel of land and every building or other structure in the Borough, except as otherwise provided by law or by this chapter, shall be subject to the provisions specified for the district in which it is located.


A building may be erected or used, and a lot may be used or occupied only for the uses permitted by right, accessory uses, conditional uses which adhere to the explicit standards and criteria, and the uses permitted by special exception, when approved, in the zoning district in which the building or lot is located. No other use shall be permitted unless the Borough Council approves an amendment to this chapter either permitting another use in the Zoning District or rezoning the lot to permit another use.

§ 250-10 Classes of districts.

For the purpose of this chapter, the Borough of Stockertown is hereby divided into the following classes of districts:

R-1 Residential District
MU Mixed Use
I Industrial
O/I Office/Industrial
FP Floodplain

§ 250-11 Zoning Map.

The location and boundaries of such districts, with the exception of the Floodplain District, shall be as shown on the map attached to and hereby made a part of this chapter, which map shall be designated the "Zoning Map of Stockertown Borough." Said map, and all the notations, references, and other data shown hereon, shall be as much a part of this chapter as if fully described herein.

Editor's Note: The Zoning Map is on file in the Borough offices.

§ 250-12 District boundaries.

The boundaries between districts are, unless otherwise indicated, either the center lines of streets, lanes, watercourses and rights-of-way of power lines, pipelines, and other public utilities. Where boundaries of a single district are indicated as including directly opposite sides of a street, lane, lake or watercourse, or right-of-way of a power line, pipe line or other public utility, for any portion of its length, the district so indicated shall be construed to apply to the entire bed of such feature named lying within such portion of its length. Where uncertainty exists as to the location of any such boundary as shown on the Zoning Map, the following rules shall apply:


Where a district boundary is indicated as approximately following a lot line or other property line, or as approximately following the center line of a street, lane, lake, watercourse or right-of-way of a utility line, such center line shall be construed as such boundary line.


Where a district boundary divides a lot or runs through undivided property, the location of such boundary, unless otherwise specified by figures on the Zoning Map, shall be determined by the use of the scale appearing on said map.


Where figures are shown on the Zoning Map between a street and a district boundary, they shall indicate that the district boundary runs parallel to the street line at a distance therefrom equivalent to the number of feet so indicated, unless otherwise specified. Where scaled distances do not agree with such figures, the figures shall control.

§ 250-13 Boundary tolerances.

Where a lot is divided by a district boundary line, other than a boundary line of the Floodplain District, the uses permitted in the less-restrictive district may extend into that portion of said lot in the more restrictive district to the nearest lot line, but in no case a greater distance than 50 feet, so long as full use is made of the less-restricted area before extension into the more-restricted area of said lot, and provided, however, that the area and bulk regulations of the less-restrictive district shall not be so extended and further provided that in no case shall the uses permitted in an abutting district be extended for any distance into a Floodplain District.



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