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The mission of the Stockertown Borough Police is to provide the community and visitors with the highest quality of law enforcement services. We continually improve the public's perception of community safety through intense focus on crime deterrence and increased visibility. Service to the public will be provided in an efficient and effective manner, consistent with statutory authority, available budgeted resources and professional skills.

In addition to the Police Chief, the department is comprised of two full-time and multiple part-time officers serving rotating shifts.

Given the high traffic volume inherent with three state highways, industrial facilities, and residential communities, vehicle safety is of utmost importance. As such, the Stockertown Borough Police routinely participate in the DUI, Buckle-Up Programs, Weights & Measures and the Northampton County Drug Task Force.

Stockertown Borough Police Dept.
P.O. Box 419
Stockertown, PA 18083

610-759-3232 Office
610-330-2200 Non-emergency line

All residents are to call 911 for any police issues PSP is covering the Borough for now.

Community Services

The Stockertown Borough Police Department, in keeping with the philosophy of "Community Policing, "offers various services to assist in the continued well-being of the residents of Stockertown. These services are offered at no cost to the public.

All forms available for download on this page are in Adobe PDF file format. You will need the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the forms. If you do not currently have this program, you may download it HERE.

Once open, you can print out the form and complete it by hand. You can either mail it, drop it off at the police station or the Borough office, or scan it and email it to us.

If you would like to fill out a form online and hit submit, it will automatically email to us.

We Care

This program is designed to provide added personal security to the elderly, disabled, or ill residents of Stockertown who live alone. The Stockertown Police Department maintains a list of the participants in the "We Care" program including their names, telephone numbers and addresses. The police department also maintains a list of emergency contacts, residence key holders and other important information. If the police department is unable to make contact with the participant, an officer will be dispatched to the participant's residence to check on his/her well-being.

To obtain an application for the "We Care" program, please contact the Stockertown Police Department at 610-759-3232, appear in person at the Stockertown Police Department headquarters or print it out HERE.

Once open, you can print out the form and complete it by hand. You can either mail it, drop it off at the police station or the Borough office, or scan it and email it to us. If you would like to fill out a form online, you can do so HERE.

Property Checks

The "Property Check" program is offered to residents of Stockertown Borough who will be leaving their residence unattended for an extended period of time. The police department will retain the form on file during the period of the resident's absence and will attempt to check the residence periodically and inspect the physical security of the property.

In the event the police department discovers an issue that needs to be brought to the attention of the resident, the police department will contact the resident of or designee to advise of the situation.

While the police department will make every attempt to periodically inspect the premises, the police department cannot guarantee the security of the premises and is not responsible for any damages that occur from third parties during the resident's absence.

Please contact the Stockertown Borough Police Department to obtain a "Property check" application, or download the application HERE and mail it or drop it off. You may also fill out a form on line HERE and it will be automatically emailed to us once you hit the submit button.



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