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Stockertown Borough has started the process of permitting and design to connect the Borough’s sewer system to Easton’s sewer system. If we are successful, the connection will be a permanent solution to the violations imposed by the Department of Environmental Protection, (DEP), as well as eliminating the continuing issues with clogs, back-ups, and grinder pumps mentioned in every newsletter.

The connection project will be paid for by a loan or a GRANT. Part of the grant application criteria requires that the Borough’s median household income figure falls within the range of eligibility. The median household income is determined by a door to door survey and will require at least an 85% household participation rate for the Borough to be eligible. Without 85% participation, the Borough will be ineligible to apply for a Grant and the financial burden of the conversion of the sewer plant will fall on the Borough residents.

All residents should realize the importance of your participation in the survey. Please consider opening your doors to the individuals conducting the survey and giving honest answers regarding current household income. This survey will be conducted by a contracted survey/census collection company who will be licensed and bonded. All information submitted will be confidential and used only by the collection company for the purpose of determining grant eligibility.

When the project reaches the financial commitment phase, we will update residents with more details. If you have any questions, please contact the Borough Office at (610) 759-8393. Office Hours are Monday thru Thursday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

Borough Council would like to thank everyone in advance for understanding the importance of this project and your anticipated cooperation.

Borough Council

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