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The Art on the site is by Jack Fatzinger

Council Meeting Minutes

Planning Commission

CLICK HERE for Meeting Minutes.


We will post information as it becomes avilable for the next meeting.

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Remote Meeting Instructions/Troubleshooting:

  1. If joining via computer:
    1. In new to GoToMeeting, leave 20 minutes before the meeting to log in – the first time you log in you will have to download a free version of the GoToMeeting program.
    2. We will not enable video feeds of attendees – please keep yours off.  That said, it is good practice to check your video view prior to entering an online remote meeting to check your background since whatever can be seen behind you will be seen by everyone if the video feed comes on.
    3. The intended purpose of logging in by computer is to allow an interactive presentation of plans, photos, or other documents deemed appropriate at the discretion of the Planning Commission Chair.  This is not required by the meeting rules as long as the Planning Commission Members have copies of the relevant documents.
    4. Please adjust speaker and microphone settings using the SETTINGS menu found at the top right of the GoToMeeting screen.
    5. Starting 10 minutes before the meeting start time, the host will open the line on the meeting to do a sound check and ask anyone who may wish to speak during the meeting to verify their mic is working.
  2. If either your microphone or speaker does not operate, please stay logged in, but mute your sound and microphone.  You can call into the meeting using the phone dial-in option.
  3. IMPORTANT: Anyone logging in by computer AND using their phone for audio, please mute your computer mic and speakers, otherwise there will be disruptive background resonance. 
  4. Please mute your phone and computer microphones if you are not speaking to minimize backchatter interference with the audio feed.
  5. Public Meeting rules of decorum shall be followed as if conducting an in-person meeting.  The Public will be afforded the opportunity to speak as indicated in the meeting Agenda.
  6. GoToMeeting Chat Function: This function is NOT to be used to make informal comments about the meeting or persons in the meeting.   Public Meeting rules of decorum shall be followed.   The only use of this function at this time will be for attendees having technical issues in getting their microphone to work.  You may notify the Host of your desire to speak by simply giving your full name and address.

Summary Agenda for Borough Website:
Meeting Call to Order

Planning Commission Organization

Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items

Approval of Minutes

Old Business

New Business
Grandview Estates: Sketch Plan Review

Sean Dooley


Notice is hereby given that commencing May 19, 2020, the Stockertown Borough Planning Commission will resume its regular schedule of public meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 P.M. at the Stockertown Borough Municipal Building, 209 Main Street, Stockertown, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Citizens are advised to check the Borough website,, and Main Street message board for notices of meeting cancellations. Citizens are advised to check the Borough website for a copy of the agenda.

COVID-19 Notice: Until the termination of the COVID-19 disaster emergency or expiration of any order issued by the Governor imposing public meeting restrictions, the Planning Commission shall conduct business and meet using web-based video conferencing technology with audio which allows users to meet and participate online and see and hear all meeting participants. Any and all interested persons who wish to attend and participate in the meeting shall refer to the Borough website to obtain the Meeting ID and Meeting Password.

Stockertown Borough Secretary


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