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Residents and you know who you are, PLEASE STOP flushing diaper wipes, Clorox wipes, diapers, any form of woven wipes and any form of feminine products down your toilet.  When a label says "flushable" it only means it will flush. It DOES NOT mean it will break apart like toilet tissue or Kleenex.
Understand what it means.
All Borough sewage comes through a grinder pump before it is processed. "Flushable" wipes, tampons, diapers, and other woven fabric items that claim to be flushable, are not biodegradable and clog the grinder causing it to shut down and eventually burn out. Each pump, with shipping costs more than $11,600.  That's $339 per household. Normally two pumps work together, and we always had a spare. We have burned out two of the three pumps in the last three months, leaving one grinder pump to do the work of two. A new pump is on order, but three weeks out. If the remaining pump dies from clogging before the new pump arrives, we risk back up and the huge additional costs to remove the sewage by truck.

I have pleaded in every newsletter, begged on the Marque, and ...  we had another clogged pump shut down on Sunday morning.

It's your money you're burning up and when the Marque says your house will be full of sewage, we're not joking.

Only water, body waste, and toilet tissue should ever enter you drains. You pay for full service trash removal.  Please use it for wipes, diapers, and feminine products as well as household trash.

Amy Richard, Council President 

P.S.  Landlords – You need to stress this important matter to your Tenants.



CodeRED, (ENC) is a high speed notification system which can quickly deliver messages to the entire Borough or targeted areas as necessary. Amber Alerts, road closures and extreme weather alerts are examples. Messages are delivered via phone, cell phone, email and text. It is important to stress CodeRED provides a data base supplied from county records, however, that information may not be accurate and will not include your cell phone and email addresses. The system is only as good as the information it has so we urge you to read the information provided in this mailing and update your preferred method (s) of notification. ANY/ALL information will be secure and used only by CodeRED for the purpose of notification and WILL NOT be sold, exchanged, or made available to anyone for marketing by ENC or the Boro.

About Stockertown

Stockertown is a small borough in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, incorporated in 1901. The Borough is located in the Lehigh Valley region of the state within a 2 1/2-mile radius and provides services for a population of 927 residents.

It is governed by a seven member council and a mayor. Stockertown maintains two public parks, a public ball field, and is home to Stockertown Rod and Gun Club whose facilities are available by membership. The Little Bushkill Creek wanders through the eastern side of the Borough and is stocked with trout.

Stockertown is protected by a part time police department, backed up by the Pennsylvania State Police. Fire protection services are provided by contract with Forks Township Volunteer Fire Company. Stockertown is in the Nazareth Area School District. It is surrounded by five second-class townships, Forks, Palmer, Tatamy, Upper Nazareth, and Plainfield Townships and provides access to State Route 33 which links to Routes 22, 78, 80 and 380 to service the many industrial parks in these townships.

The borough is home to industries, such as Buzzi Unicem (Hercules), Polymer Products, Praxair, Universal Forest Products, A&H Sportswear, and Einfalt's Salvage.

It is located in Pennsylvania's 17th Congressional District, in Pennsylvania's 137th (State House of Representatives) and 18th (State Senate) Legislative Districts.


The Borough of Stockertown was named for the Stockers, who settled on the land in the late 18th century. The post village was referred to as Stockersville as of 1845, and described as a very fertile area. In late 1900, by which time the village was being called Stockertown, a group of the village's citizens petitioned Northampton County Court to grant the community the status of a borough. That petition was granted and, early in 1901, the Borough government was organized.

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